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mar-mathew-moolakatt-testimonialIt is a matter of immense joy to know that Apna Des is going to launch an English section, especially for the people outside Kerala. Since Knanites are migrating people to the various countries of the world, it is a significant step to have such an English section for Apna Des. It serves as a connecting link, among Knanaya people and through the launching of this English section this connectivity becomes wider and more open. I wish you all the best for this attempt and imparts my paternal blessings to all the readers and wellwishers of Apna Des.

Mar Mathew Moolakatt, Metropolitan Archbishop, Archdioces of Kottayam

mar-joseph-pandarasseril-testimonialKnanaya community has become a global community, hence we need to connect to them globally. It is high time that we reach to our ‘Generation X,Y,Z’ through Apnades English version. The online English version is a New Year Gift to you all. This is only a beginning, after getting the feedback and suggestions we will edit and format it according to the needs of the time. Dear friends, Google the Apnades online, email the feedback, forward the online flash news and get connected to our community. Let’s wholeheartedly receive the New Year gift. My best wishes and prayers.

Mar Joseph Pandarasseril, Auxiliary Bishop of Kottayam

fr-kuriyathara-mathew-testimonialWe are living in a global village and we all are connected in this global village. That is why we often hear the saying that “we are in a web of interdependent relationship”. In order to widen this connectivity, Apna Des is taking the first step in launching this English section. It is necessary to have an English section of Apna Des as we are missionary and migrating people. It is also important for most of the younger generation as / their first language is English, so that they can easily be conncted. We do appreciate your suggestions and comments at this venture.

Fr. Kuriathara Mathew, Chief Editor, Apna Des

dr-shibil-j-joseHearty congrats to our first ever legendary yet most aspiring knanaya newsletter/ magazine of all times. UKKCYL takes this opportunity to wish you all the very best for this new venture that allows scope for more readers across the globe.


Dr. Shibil J Jose, UKKCYL President

msgr-thomas-mulavanalI am very delighted to know that Apna Des, the official communication media of the Archdiocese of Kottayam, is taking an initiative to publish an English edition. This great venture will be beneficial to thousands of Knanaites who are living outside Kerala and in abroad. It has been a long awaited expectation of the knanaya people in Diaspora. I am hopeful that our new generation will wholeheartedly accept this English edition as it is easy for them to connect with our church and community.

On behalf of the Knanaya community of North America, I extend our appreciation and best wishes for this new endeavor of Apna Des.

Msgr. Thomas Mulavanal, Vicar General and Knanaya Regional Director

alex-mutholamI am so excited and grateful to hear that Apnades is starting an English version of their newsletter and even more so that its launch coincides with North America’s celebration of the Year of the Youth.

I hope that this allows the English-speaking Knanaya youth from all over the world to connect with each other and brings us the same level of excitement as when our parents and grandparents read the current publication. I trust that the youth can learn about the actions and teachings of the Kottayam Diocese and get closer to our roots. I look forward to this English edition bringing us closer to our faith, culture, and legacy as Knanaya Catholic Youths.

Alex Mutholam, President, KCYL Chicago

fr-saji-malayilputhenpurayilI am really happy to know that Apnades-Online is going to start an English version soon. It will be an excellent tool for our new generation to learn and understand about our community which will makes them to love their Knanaya identity. This is a very sensible step taken by the editorial board of Apnades and will definitely benefit our community on the whole.

I and Knanaya Catholics in Syro Malabar Diocese of Great Britain wish you congratulations and best wishes on this new endeavor.

Looking forward to the first English edition of Apnades in the New Year. Wishing the entire Apnades team a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year 2017.

Fr. Saji Malayilputhenpurayil, Vicar General For Knanaya Catholics, Syro Malabar Eparchy of Great Britain

joshy-padavetumkalyilDelhi KCYL extends full co-operation and support to the forthcoming English Section of Apna Des which will be a bold new step in the growth of Apna Des becoming mirror to the Face of the Archdiocese.

We feel proud of your attempts to bring the global youth under one banner. This is a jewel in your crown. Diaspora KCYL wants to jump into your bandwagon.

Best of luck to the Archdiocese of Kottayam and Apna Des Team.

Joshy Padavettumkalayil, President, KCYL Delhi